Signs of a Water Leak

water leak

Did you know that in 2020 1 in 3 people suffered from a water leak, with 81% of London residents experiencing a leak in their current or past home, according to research by Insurance Company, Neos.

Especially in cold and rainy winter months, it is crucial for you as a resident of your property, rented or owned, commercial or private, to recognise the signs of a potential water leak before it turns into further damage and possible flooding.

Visible Signs


Dampness and wet patches inside and outside of the house may be visible.

Wet patches outside can be signal of a leak, as are damp patches of grass that could be growing faster than other, especially when there has been no rainfall. These can both suggest an underground leak or that an outside pipe has leaked.

Mould & Mildew

Both are unhealthy to inhale and can have both short and long-term health effects.

Leaks can create areas of dampness, which can grow patches of mould and mildew, which in effect will create nasty odours.

Cracked Walls

Wear and tear of a property is normal and happens gradually.

It can include small cracks on walls and ceilings, but it is when these cracks are larger and/or sudden, that this could be an indication that there is a leak. If not checked out can result in further damage to your property.


Discolouration may be present if there is a leak. Stains, big or small, are most likely to occur on ceiling, walls and floors, normally yellowish or brownish in colour.

This can suggest an issue progressing behind or under these surfaces.

Damaged Surfaces

Bubbled or bulging wallpaper can also indicate a water leak behind these surfaces, which if left long-term, can cause further and more severe damage to your property.

Additionally, your floorboards creaking and walls becoming soft and spongey are further signs that should be investigated.

Increased Water Bills

If you see your water bill shooting up suddenly or gradually increasing over time with no explanation, it is a clear signal of a leak.

By keeping an eye on and comparing your water bills monthly, or as regularly as you can, will help identify if a leak is present and save you your money.

Water Pressure

If your properties water pressure is lower than it is usually, this can be a sign of a water leak somewhere in your property.

On the other hand, if you notice that your water pressure is higher than normal then this could be a sign that your pipes could burst in the near future, causing a leak and lower water pressure.


This can apply especially to properties with plumbing systems that are not as modern as recent systems.

Either way, any difference in the look of your pipes should be investigated professionally.

An aging plumbing system can form rust and corrode, deteriorating your pipes strength, making a leak inevitable.

Invisible Signs

Although it could be as easy as hearing a dripping sound, there are other signs that are not visible that could indicate a leak that may need detecting.


Although dampness on walls can be noticed, many damp patches and mould and mildew may be forming within your walls. However, this can still give off a foul and unpleasant smell.

It can be hard detecting where the odour is coming from, but it is a clear indicator that there is dampness in your property.

If any of these signs are applicable to your current property, it is best to seek professional services for the best outcome long-term and to reduce the chances of it happening again.

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