Restoration companies put customers first

restoration companies

In the event of a fire or flood, it is essential that customers contact restoration companies immediately to minimise the damage. Customers will be concerned about the contents, fittings and fixtures of their property as well as the fabric of the building.

Restoration companies such as CPL t/a Rainbow International will understand customer needs as we assess the damage. We’ll compile a full inventory of all the contents in the property, remove and store items that for refurbishment and provide you with a detailed specification of the works to be carried out. Then we will tackle the clean-up operation.

If your property is commercial, as well as fittings and fixtures, office items will include electrical equipment, that is computers and telephones and industrial equipment that you use to run your business. If there is a fire or flood at your warehouse, more stock may be at risk which could interrupt your business while you save, restore and, if necessary, order new supplies.

As a business owner, you may rent your commercial premises or be a leaseholder. You will need to check the terms of your lease, which will define your responsibility for the property. You are advised to inform the owner who may be responsible for the building insurance.

Meeting customer needs is paramount to CPL t/a Rainbow International, primarily your business continuity.

CPL t/a Rainbow International’s inventory will be very important to your insurance company and loss adjuster because they will do a valuation of the lost contents, fittings and fixtures and damage to the building before settling your claim. Restoration companies like CPL t/a Rainbow International liaise with insurers all the time and we know how to document the evidence to make sure your insurance claim is successful and minimise the stress.

If you are a homeowner the British Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Unit offers free practical help and advice to help people who have suffered damage at home following a fire, flood or similar incident. You can telephone your local fire and rescue service 24 hours per day and ask them to refer you.

Before the fire service leave, they will provide you with a ‘hand over sheet’ which is a formal agreement that the property has been handed back to you. It’s very important to read and keep this sheet because it will have advice and highlight any safety issues that remain within your property. However, do not feel overwhelmed if your property is affected by a fire or flood.

Immediate action guarantees the best results and restoration companies like CPL t/a Rainbow International are best placed to deep clean the property and prevent any secondary damage to customers.

Secondary damage is the avoidable damage that occurs after a fire or water damage incident. It can significantly increase the cost of any incident and unnecessary loss of personal items. After a fire, acid fire residues can cause metal to rust and stain. This damage continues over hours and days, and can even damage steel building structures.

After a flood when moisture levels increase, they trigger mould growth. Wood continues to swell and warp the longer it is left damp. This applies to both the fabric of the building, the fittings and fixtures and the contents. It explains why you should appoint CPL t/a Rainbow International to store and refurbish contents. You will then rest assured that they have been properly treated, dried and desanitised.

If you don’t bring in the professionals from restoration companies, secondary damage can continue for a long time and destroy things that could otherwise have been restored to their original condition.

Secondary damage to contents, fittings and fixtures can be prevented if action is taken promptly.  

If the Fire and Rescue Service turned off your gas, electricity or water during the fire or flood, call the utility companies to check and restore the services – do not attempt to do this yourself because you may be putting the safety of your family or colleagues at risk.

Do not use affected televisions, stereos, or electrical appliances or other contents until cleaned and checked by CPL t/a Rainbow International. Putting the customer’s needs and concerns is at the forefront of fire and flood restoration which is why restoration companies do this best.
In December 2015 and January 2016 the UK saw severe flooding in the North of England and other parts of the country. Storm Desmond resulted in the flooding of about 9,000 properties, which together with the earlier flooding in Cumbria brought the total to around 16,000 flooded properties in England. However, flood defences protected another 20,000 properties and this work continues.

Around 60,000 homes lost power in Storm Desmond, with some homes being cut off for days. Storm Eva led to torrential rainfall which left over 25,000 homes without power in the North West alone. Newhaven and areas of the South East were also affected.  In winter 2013/14 hundreds of thousands of homes lost power. Over 11,000 homes were cut off in one night in the East of England during heavy winds. Around 7,000 homes were flooded and 11 people died. In 2016 4,000 York residents were evacuated from their homes in a single night.

Floods, like fires, can be devastating if you don’t call for emergency help from professional restoration companies immediately.

CPL t/a Rainbow International will save, store and refurbish your contents, fittings and fixtures and deep clean the inside and outside of your buildings.

We’ll also help you make a successful insurance claim and deal with loss assessors and loss adjusters which can be complex and stressful. Businesses and homeowners do not expect to fall victim to a fire or flood. CPL t/a Rainbow International deal with fires and floods every day and we know how to put the customer first, minimise stress and make your building and its contents sparkle again.