Flood Damage Restoration Doesn’t Have to Cost The Earth

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CPL t/a Rainbow International have worked with many construction companies over the past 20 years and we have quickly established ourselves as a leading provider for flood damage restoration and water damage restoration services, amongst other specialist cleaning services.

We are renown for reacting quickly to emergency situations such as flood damage; we guarantee a rapid response 24/7, 365 days a year through our emergency call-out service. With strict time constraints associated with construction projects and hefty penalties levied if delays occur, we are committed to helping customers meet their tight deadlines, getting them back on track to ensure the project is delivered on time following flood damage.

As many building sites may not have power, CPL t/a Rainbow International can still use the latest equipment which operates between 110-240 volts for every stage of the building process.

Flood damaged a hospital during a construction project

A recent project for Skanska involved flood damage at a hospital following a substantial leak at the ground floor. It was leaking for about 7 hours before it was noticed although standing water had been extracted by staff. However a few weeks later, surface mould and peeling paint work began appearing on the internal partitioning and behind access panels throughout the affected areas. Staff were concerned there may be mould spores trapped in the wet wall cavities and behind built in units and access panels. These issues had to be resolved before the project could be handed over to the client in two weeks’ time or they would incur substantial penalties if the project overran.

Skanska could either choose the very expensive option of total strip-out and reinstatement and incur penalties by exceeding the deadline or could choose the cheaper option of a drying and sanitising system to achieve their objectives within the given timescale – they chose the latter!

Equipment used

Due of the size of the affected area and to prevent further destruction, we used a combination of non-invasive monitoring equipment on-site; thermal imaging and moisture readings to establish the full extent of the trapped moisture. In the areas identified as wet, they used a telescopic camera to inspect the wall void for mould infestations.

At the time of our visit, all surface (none bonded) water had successfully dried out but pockets of bonded moisture were trapped in the voids between the partitions and behind units and access panels. Also surface mould was identified on the partitioning and in the wall cavity due to wall insulation and sound proofing in the wall cavities which was holding a lot of the moisture.

The solution

The current drying requirements in the property put it in ‘Stage Three’ bonded water drying process (trapped in materials with low porosity like concrete, hardwood, and void spaces). This required target drying, low humidity and an increase in temperature of target material. We used the lowest impact drying method, Injection Drying, as most of the water was trapped within partition voids.

The mould identified on the surface was not substantial so was easily treated. We could provide photographic evidence of the position of the mould within the void using a digital inspection camera with telescopic probe. To deal with any airborne spores released by the process, Air Managers were installed to kill all spores and remove odours.

We saved our client money

CPL t/a Rainbow International provided an efficient and effective drying and sanitising solution whilst being able to save our customer thousands of pounds, avoiding the need for complete strip-out and reinstatement. The customer could have saved around another £10,000 if they had been called within 48 hours of the flood, reducing likely drying time by about 45%, therefore avoiding the need for mould remediation.

By using our company if you experience flood damage, our high-level expertise and vast experience, along with the use of the latest technology in drying methods, could in fact save you time and money in the long run.

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