Fire Disaster Recovery-Top Tips For The Fire Cleanup Process

fire damage

If your business or property has been consumed by a fire then it will not only suffer damage to its furnishings and structural integrity but there are also some time-sensitive dangers to be aware of in the immediate aftermath.  So we at CPL t/a Rainbow International have given you some top do’s and don’ts to help minimise any further damage. 

✅ DO: Contact your insurer as quickly as possible.  

Failure to respond quickly to the after-effects of a fire can lead to a needless increase in secondary damage. If repair costs are to be contained, a timely response is essential once the blaze has been extinguished.  Speaking with your insurance provider should kickstart the next stage in the cleanup process and give you an idea of the events that need to follow.  

The sooner the insurance company is alerted, the quicker the insurance claim can be processed, as the company has to alert the insurance assessor to carry out the inspection.

DON’T: Enter the building without the Fire Service all clear.  

Fire can damage the structural integrity of a building and therefore it could be unsafe even if it doesn’t look like it, so never re-enter the building until you have been given the all-clear by the fire services to do so – it’s just not worth the risk.  

✅ DO: Take photographic evidence

Try to form an inventory as soon as possible of household items either inside or outside the buildings which have been damaged by fire.  This will help you throughout your claim and will further speed the claim when the loss assessor makes contact, photographic evidence will clearly show your insurance providers how much damage has been created.  Remember, don’t throw away any damaged goods until after the inventory has been made by the assessor. We at CPL t/a Rainbow International do this for our customers as part of the service we provide. We work directly with the insurance markets and will do a full inventory and document all photographic evidence.


✅ DO: Bin all food and drink

Even if it seems that your food is okay, smoke particles could have contaminated posing it a risk to your health.  Never refreeze any food that has partially thawed in the freezer.  

DON’T: Attempt to turn on or operate any electrical devices you suspect have been damaged by fire  

Smoke residues can contain acids that corrode metal surfaces. If the residues are not removed, corrosion causes electronic failure in the device.  Any household wiring which may have been water damaged should be checked by a licensed electrician before power is turned back on.   

✅ DO: Remove traces of soot and smoke as quickly as possible

Removing soot and smoke residue is essential steep in the fire cleanup process in order to limit any additional damage.  All leftover traces of soot and smoke on the walls, floors, ceilings and contents of a room will continue to wreak havoc after a fire incident. Ash residue corrodes any surfaces it is in contact with over time – if this is not professionally cleaned quickly, furniture, walls and more will be left permanently discoloured and worn. 

✅ DO: Deal with air quality swiftly

Smoke particles from fire damage not only leave behind unpleasant smoke odor but are also very hazardous to the health of a building’s occupants. Inhaling them can block lung airways and cause serious irritation. It is important you contact a fire damage cleaning service to ensure the building is safe and will not harm you or anyone else.

We at CPL t/a Rainbow International are the leading provider within South East to both commercial and private clients for disaster recovery after fire.  We will provide you with one contact number and will take care of everything else from initial inspection through to full building reinstatement.  We will provide you with a bespoke plan to guarantee a safe strip out with minimal impact to your property or business and will use the latest technology to dry affected areas safely and quickly.  So don’t delay and give CPL t/a Rainbow International a call today.