Can eco-friendly Industrial Cleaning & Paint Removal methods really be effective?

Media blasting brickwork with DOFF machineryfacade

It is not often you hear about eco-friendly cleaning systems for commercial buildings. Industrial cleaning traditionally conjures up images of using harsh chemicals to remove ingrained dirt, grime or grease, or even moss, algae or fungi – but there are some innovative solutions that do just that without using harsh chemicals.

Why use eco-friendly cleaning solutions?

We all need to do our bit for the planet and usually commercial businesses are criticised for not doing enough. Even though many businesses would like to demonstrate their eco-credentials they may not know where to source them. Chemicals can pollute rivers, streams and sometimes they never break down, ending up in the food chain and may be detrimental to our health which people are increasingly becoming aware of.

Thankfully there are some eco-friendly cleaning & paint removal solutions that use the latest technologies which are available…

The DOFF System:

The DOFF steam-based system utilises the powerful capabilities of high temperature steam, heating the water to 150°C, whilst using low amounts of water, to achieve exceptional cleaning results. It has an adjustable nozzle to adapt the pressure to achieve exceptional cleaning so it can remove the most difficult marks and biological matter, such as paint residues, limescale, bitumen and lichen. It is gentle enough to be used on softer materials such as wood and soapstone and its water usage is low. Due to the effectiveness of DOFF’s steam system, there is no need to apply chemical biocide solution to your designated cleaning area, either as a removal technique or to prevent biological activity in future.

The TORC System:

TORC is a media blast system which is environmentally friendly and uses a mixture of low air pressure, a little water and a safe inert fine granulate. None of these are harmful to humans, animals or the environment. The system creates a gentle swirling vortex using a pressurised system that operates from 150° to 220°.

Some of the TORC small nozzle attachment cones can be used for more intricate detail such as an elaborate wood and delicate stone. This cleaning method is also suitable for Grade I buildings.

Grit Blasting:

Grit Blasting is a well-established form of abrasive cleaning which removes the need for using chemicals and is used for various different applications, with many benefits:

  • Highly efficient
  • Versatile use across a range of services
  • Can be used to clean and texturise surfaces
  • Less disruption cased due to shorter length of time to clean surfaces

Dry Ice Non-abrasive Blast Cleaning:

Dry Ice Blasting is a form of non-abrasive blast cleaning that is known by several different names; CO2 blasting and dry ice cleaning are two of the most common. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, kept at a temperature of less than -79°C in the form of dry ice snow pellets. During dry ice blast cleaning these pellets are ejected at high speeds onto the surface being cleaned, the extreme cold temperature causes the dirt to freeze and crack – removing it from the surface. The dry ice pellets vaporise upon impact with the surface, transforming back to CO2, leaving no trace or remnants on the surface.

In addition to being an eco-friendly cleaning solution, by using no contaminants, there are numerous benefits to using Dry Ice Blast Cleaning over other cleaning techniques including:

  • Minimal preparation required – dry ice pellets are able to reach even the smallest surfaces.
  • No surface erosion as dry ice is non-abrasive
  • No need for staff to use hazardous cleaning chemicals
  • Increases the life of machinery through good maintenance
  • Minimal disruption caused due to no drying time after cleaning
  • Suitable for use with electrical and mechanical parts
  • Can be used for a number of different applications
  • It is non-abrasive. It quickly removes most contaminants without damage to electrical systems such as panels, switches, wiring and valves.

Dry Ice Blasting leaves no residue and therefore it is highly effective in dealing with food production lines, injection moulding facilities, dry ice cleaning can be used on factory machinery, injection moulds, food production lines and even walls.

Dry Ice Blasting is capable of removing paint, burnt-in deposits, glue, dust and residues, even in the most difficult to access places of heavy machinery. A highly efficient means of cleaning, dry ice blasting reduces the time it takes to clean and means that you can concentrate on what matters to your business.

Chemical-free Paving Cleaning:

Using a chemical free and eco-friendly system which only uses steam & water, so it doesn’t damage surfaces. This gently removes algae, moss, fungi and other biological matter and will kill off spores with no harmful residue.

Graffiti Removal:

It may seem surprising but even graffiti can be effectively removed using an environmentally friendly method.

When faced with graffiti on sensitive brick surfaces such as sandstone, limestone or concrete surfaces, there are specialist industrial methods available, such as the DOFF and TORC systems, to ensure that graffiti is completely removed from any surface. The results are quite incredible and even better when it is possible to achieve this without the use of toxic chemicals.

Who can provide these services?

So perhaps you are considering some industrial cleaning or paint removal and are considering more environmentally friendly methods. CPL t/a Rainbow International are the premier business providing the leading media blasting product range for cleaning and paint removal and are proud to offer methods that do not use toxic chemicals.

CPL t/a Rainbow International are the leading specialist cleaning company in the South East, covering Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Our team have around 20 years of experience in providing commercial and private cleaning at a competitive price. Whether you are a local authority, a school, hotel, retail premises, heritage building or a commercial production plant, we can help you with your specialist commercial cleaning requirements.

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