Deep clean your factory regularly to protect staff, customers and equipment

industrial deep cleaning

Imagine a sandwich factory that has failed to meet health and safety standards. Inspectors may close the factory with immediate effect. However, even if the management address all the inspectors’ concerns, the reputational damage can mean the business loses a significant number of its clients. This is why cleaning your factory regularly matters. It can be the difference between a thriving enterprise and a dying one.
CPL t/a Rainbow International can offer a one-off deep clean to restore your factory to its original splendour and then regular cleaning on a contract basis. If there has been an industrial spillage or accident, CPL t/a Rainbow International Ltd will provide a rapid, fully comprehensive response, draining any water or sewage and decontaminating the building including fittings and fixtures. This means staff can return to work as soon as possible.

If you need us to clean machinery we do this with high pressure water channelled through an adjustable nozzle to give the machine a pristine effect. The team is also trained to undertake high level cleaning on the outside of your building including roof cleaning. We clean outdoor equipment used on farms as well as indoor equipment.
Sometimes after a fire, you can still smell the smoke or you have moved into new premises where the air is thick with cigarette smoke or a damp smell. We can remove any odour and oil, even neutralising the smell from vehicles if your business contains a yard.

We can clean the outside of the premises as well as the inside, removing graffiti, soot, cleaning stone, masonry and cladding, grit and soda blasting and cleaning the façade. We clean windows and gutters, factory floors, public areas, commercial and domestic premises. We also take on public sector contracts.

We work according to your timetable, cleaning after the end of the working day or when the factory is closed. We will prioritise customer satisfaction and will make sure the factory continues to run smoothly while we are cleaning. We are the invisible army. No job is too difficult and we operate across Surrey, Sussex and Kent to meet all your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Call now for a free quotation.