Cleaning a skyline

Manchester Skyline

Manchester city centre’s skyline is about to undergo a drastic change. In the next few years a number of high-rise towers will bloom and change the skyline forever. Some of the builds have already started and planning permission has been given the go ahead for many more.

As reported in the Manchester Evening News, as many as 18 new skyscrapers could appear on Manchester City’s skyline over the next few years, including a magnificent 41-storey skyscraper in Angel Meadow. Two 36-storey towers are also set to be built on the former ITV site. Plans to build these towers were approved in March. Another £154m development in the heart of the city, close to Victoria Train Station, will also include 36 storeys of plush apartments and commercial space.

The iconic Beetham tower will get a twin, and Manchester’s tallest tower yet is set to go ahead as part of the Owen Street development with four skyscrapers including one with an incredible 64 storeys. It will be the tallest building in the UK outside of London.

Cleaning Manchester’s skyline is a serious business. Maintaining any building’s higher levels can be a tough job and is one that can be easily overlooked as an unnecessary cost. A clean building creates a great impression and stands out from the crowd. In business especially, first impressions really do matter.

In a busy city, it’s likely dirt and grime will build up on any building exterior more quickly. Regular cleaning will prevent unnecessary wear and tear and help to maintain the integrity of the build. For windows that are high up, cleaning windows yourself certainly isn’t an option. If you are several storeys up you’ll need to employ a professional cleaning company with experience in high access cleaning.

CPL t/a Rainbow International are experienced professionals offering high access cleaning services for clients across Manchester. We can clean hard to reach windows, cladding, masonry, guttering and all building facades using the latest, state-of-the-art equipment. We are committed to cleaning the buildings of Manchester to keep the city’s skyline clean.