Choose the DOFF steam cleaning method for a chemical-free finish

steam cleaning
DOFF is a tried and tested chemical free, steam-based cleaning system which heats water to 150 degrees centigrade to remove all sorts of dirt. For example, cleaning with DOFF will remove grime, mould, algae, moss, loose paint, graffiti, chewing gum, dust, mud and dirt from a variety of buildings, car parks, bridges, factories and tennis courts. It’s the combination of adjusting the temperature and the pressure using an adjustable nozzle that cleans the most stubborn marks. The water flow is gentle, making it suitable for wood, soapstone and other softer materials. chemical free You don’t need chemicals when using the DOFF system, it’s a safe option that is good for the environment. Due to the high temperature, surfaces dry almost instantly. DOFF uses very little water which evaporates quickly so you will have clean surfaces within minutes and a minimal amount of mess. If you want to clean up the stone work on the outside of a building and remove moss, algae, fungi or other biological matter, the DOFF system will remove the plant life and kill any spores. Chemicals are unnecessary, the steam system cleans and sterilises the surface. You can also use DOFF to clean the inside of your building like floors and walls and it will sterilise industrial kitchens, swimming pools, toilets and medical facilities. Do give CPL t/a Rainbow International a call to discuss your requirements and check if the DOFF system will be suitable on your surfaces. DOFF is ideal for listed and heritage buildings because the technique does not use chemical biocide, just very hot water applied in a particular way.  CPL t/a Rainbow International has extensive experience cleaning listed buildings including Victorian, Georgian or other period properties and they follow conservation guidelines carefully. We recommend bringing in specialists to work with sensitive building surfaces. doff system However, for the most stubborn of stains, the TORC technique adds fine granulate to a little water and low pressure and is very effective for cleaning stonework. Like with the DOFF system the nozzle is adjustable so a larger nozzle can be used to remove paint from large walls and buildings. The TORC system remains gentle and does not damage surfaces. It can be used to remove paint residue, carbon sulphation, lime scale, oil based paints, bitumen and lime or cement based paints. Used alongside DOFF, it’s a powerful tool to return your building to its previous splendour. If you need a professional cleaning service provided by experts in the field, call CPL t/a Rainbow International for a free quote today. chemical free