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christmas tree with lights switched on

Christmas Fire Safety

Candles, christmas tree lights and christmas trees can all be a fire hazard but we have put together some tips to reduce the risk of fire to keep you and your family safe this Christmas.

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fire damage
Case Studies

Fire damage threatens a pub wedding

An electrical fault caused fire damage and smoke damage that required ozone, to the main bar area at the grade II listed Leicester Arms Hotel in Penshurst, Tonbridge on Friday

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Fire In Empty Property
Fire And Smoke Damage

Empty property is dangerous

Each year there are around 9000 fires in empty properties and 22,000 non-residential fires. Empty premises are also at risk of water damage due to inadequate maintenance/repairs, especially when coupled

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Effect of smoke and smoke damage

On Buildings The intensity of the fire will affect how much restoration work is possible. Additionally, there may also be some secondary water damage, due to water being introduced by

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