Call in a fire clean up company after a fire at your business

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An emergency call in the middle of the night is every business owner’s nightmare. Your premises is on fire. Careful emergency planning before you get the call will keep everyone safe and reduce costs in the long-term. And you need a fire clean up company like CPL t/a Rainbow International to remove the soot damage and deep clean your property as quickly as possible.

CPL t/a Rainbow International Ltd is an experienced team which is available day and night 365 days per year to save your commercial premises from ruin after a fire. Swift action within the first 48 hours is your best guarantee of success because corrosion, etching and discolouration will not yet have started.

Cleaning soot damage, smoke particles and scorch marks from furnishings and walls is delicate work and some of the damage may not be visible to the naked eye. CPL t/a Rainbow International Ltd is a fire clean up company that offers a professional 24 hour emergency service to minimise the damage and get your business back up and running quickly.

It only takes minutes for walls, furniture and surfaces to discolour and if they are dark or wood, you may not be able to see this happening. Fire and smoke may also leave a bad smell but deodorising a property in the first 48 hours is most likely to be effective. You need to call CPL t/a Rainbow International as soon as you are alerted to the fire and meet the cleaners at your property.
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Only if you act quickly, will you be able to restore the décor and reduce the amount of furniture you need to replace. Over the course of a week the cost of cleaning escalates because as the property cools down, moisture reacts with the soot producing acids that cause corrosion.
Soot damage can settle on surfaces within minutes, discolouring plastics and paint, tarnishing metals like factory equipment and smoke particles can settle into fabrics on chairs and carpets. It may be very difficult to decontaminate a commercial premises. You must be careful when choosing who to employ because some companies use the wrong cleaning methods and chemicals which cause further damage.

CPL t/a Rainbow International is a fire clean up company that only uses tried and tested cleaning methods. Thermal fogging neutralises the smell using a smoke removal chemical and Ozone treatment breaks up smoke molecules to deodorise the property.

Soot can escape through windows and loft hatches affecting the gables and the façade of the building too. Ice blasting is used to remove soot from walls and gables. Abrasive blasting will remove it from brickwork. After the fire has been put out it may be necessary to use a dehumidifier to dry out the building.  CPL t/a Rainbow International Ltd also clean up after floods so they have the necessary skill and equipment to complete the job.

You need to establish what materials were burned in the fire because that will determine how the property is cleaned and deodorised. Contact your insurance company and provide evidence if you need alternative accommodation and carry out a full survey specifying the work that needs to be done. Remove items that can be restored from the property and keep an inventory so that nothing is lost.

If the fire happens during the day you also need to protect your staff so develop an emergency plan in advance to train up first aiders, ring 999 and evacuate the building.

Call in the professionals and give them access to the whole building so they can run a smoke removal treatment and decontaminate air vents, HVAC systems and small spaces. If you don’t do this, the whole operation will be compromised.

Finally it is very important to protect your property, locking it and making sure there is a designated staff member there or on call throughout the cleaning process.  CPL t/a Rainbow International is a fire clean up company that offers a rapid, discreet and professional service to restore your building to its former glory and get you and your team back to work as quickly as possible. Clients and customers need never know you had a fire.
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