Beware the flood and seek help straight away

flooding parking lot
flooding parking lot. 3d concept

Severe gales and heavy rainfall known as Storm Desmond swept through southern Scotland, the north of England, Wales and Northern Ireland on 5 and 6 December 2015. You may also remember havoc wreaked by the Great storm of 1987. However, a storm is not the only reason your property may be flooded. There can be many reasons that a business is flooded, burst water main underneath your business or at your plant. You will need a water clean up company to restore your business to its former glory.

The safety of staff is paramount so make sure you know where everyone is and evacuate if necessary. When you do this you must secure your property, locking it in the normal way. If you have flood insurance, you should call your insurance provider immediately and before you arrange any emergency repairs. Also take photos of the flood and damage because you may need to refer to these later as evidence of your claim.
After the flood has subsided, you will need a water damage clean up company to clean up. There are three types of water but flood water is always black water. This means it is contaminated, often with human or animal faeces and can carry diseases or pests. Drinking or rain water which is considered clean and grey water that contains traces of oil from cooking and residue from the shower can turn into black water if left to stand too long.
A rapid response to a flood or leak is essential. CPL t/a Rainbow International can help. Black water must be fully decontaminated before people return to the property. CPL t/a Rainbow International can extract flood water, they remove standing water from buildings and dry contents, fittings and fixtures on-site and off-site. The team sanitise and deodorise furnishings and buildings efficiently including ceiling water removal. Call their emergency 24 hour call out service immediately to minimise the damage to your property.

In the case of a leak, CPL t/a Rainbow International Ltd can use their advanced equipment to detect whether the water contains nitrates which means it is coming up from the ground or chlorides which means it comes from a fresh water source. If there are no salts, the problem is likely to be caused by condensation or rain water ingression. Once CPL t/a Rainbow International Ltd which is your water clean up company has identified the problem, they can write reports for your insurers.

When you leave your property tell your business partner or reception where you are going and leave a contact number. Take emergency contact details, mobile and access to your email in case insurers, CPL t/a Rainbow International Ltd or other people want to contact you. Do not return to your business after a flood until it is safe to do so.
ceiling water removal
Your insurer will pay for temporary accommodation for your business if you have to move out of your property while it dries out and is cleaned. If you have buildings cover, your insurer will dry, clean, repair and restore your premises including ceiling water removal by employing CPL t/a Rainbow International or another provider. If you have contents cover, your insurer will dry, clean and, restore your possessions or replace or pay for any possessions that are so damaged they cannot be cleaned up or repaired.

After a flood, it may take up to 12 months for your property to dry out but if you take photographs and call CPL t/a Rainbow International immediately, you should get back in a lot quicker. If the flood happens overnight, you can call 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. You may need a loss adjuster to assess the damage, surveyors and a builder as well as CPL t/a Rainbow International but it is the water clean up companies’ ability to drain your property of water and decontaminate the contents that will determine when you can move back.