Being a flood victim under Lockdown

Dealing with two life changing events

The recent floods that affected so many parts of the UK in February this year almost appear to have been forgotten since the Coronavirus outbreak began.  Except for the residents that were affected that is, who are now having to deal with two life changing events.

Many residents had only just started returning to assess the flood damage when the pandemic really accelerated in the UK.  They were forced to leave their homes and many are now staying in either rental properties, hotels, caravans or having to stay with other family members.

Severe Flooding In A Property Before Cleanup Starts

Some of the luckier ones that didn’t have to move out are still having to deal with testing times on top of what can sometimes be a stressful insurance claims process.

Most flood restoration building projects are on hold

Many of the flood restoration building projects are now on largely hold, as many companies have temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic or they are unable to source the right building materials.

Some people are having to endure living in damp homes, which would be bad enough at the best of times, let alone during a lockdown.

Following the recent floods, churches had become a place of refuge for many in their communities but have since had to close due to the social distancing measures now in place.

Businesses have also been affected – some that had previously been flooded were subsequently forced to close due to the pandemic, which is likely to threaten many businesses’ very survival.

Difficult situations can bring communities together

These flood victims have gone from one crisis to another but one thing that has come out of this situation is it often brings people together to benefit the community and they will probably have become stronger as a result. Once this pandemic is over, hopefully our communities will be back to bustling once again and the flood victims can get their homes back to pre-incident condition once again.

So who will stabilise a flood or conduct fire clean-ups under lockdown?

Even during this lockdown, you never know when you may be faced with a flood or water leak.  Hopefully you won’t find yourself in that position but if you do, CPL t/a Rainbow International are still available 24/7 to help with your emergency during these uncertain times across the South East of the UK.  We can help stabilise a flood or conduct fire clean-ups to help you get back on your feet and even deal with your insurance company on your behalf.

CPL t/a Rainbow International is dedicated to providing expert advice and assistance for both private and commercial clients in the event of a flood and water damage. Our flood restoration service is acknowledged to be the best in the UK.

We offer buildings and contents restoration as well as the controlled waste disposal of dirt and debris following a flood.  We also offer an inventory service to ensure that all personal and prized possessions are checked and accounted for.  We remove flood and standing water, provide buildings and contents on-site and off-site drying services to restore your home and furnishings as quickly as possible.

We understand the importance of sanitising a home following a flood, as floodwater can carry diseases and sewage which can seep into furnishings and buildings.  With our flood restoration service, we sanitise and deodorise your home and ensure it is restored to good working order.

We aim to remove as much stress as possible by providing essential advice when dealing with insurance companies and loss adjusters in order to minimise the impact on your life, whether you are locked down in your home or not.

It just takes one call and CPL t/a Rainbow International will deal with it all.  Call us on 0330 058 1579 so we can help you get your life back on track.