A rapid response ensures the best clean-up after flood damage

flood damage
If your business, factory, warehouse or home is damaged by a flood you need immediate expert help. CPL t/a Rainbow International is an experienced, discreet and professional service that can help your business with flood damage, water extraction, mould removal, ceiling water damage and water damage restoration at your commercial or private property. Water extraction needs to happen immediately because water quickly penetrates buildings and contents over time. If water is left to lie it will cause more damage and the water restoration process will be less effective. It will also cost more. CPL t/a Rainbow International can help you minimise the flood damage, get your business back up and running and liaise with the insurers. CPL t/a Rainbow International will help you restore the building and recover as much furniture as possible quickly. Contact them immediately to make sure the water damage restoration can begin within the first 48 hours for the best results. water extraction It’s very important that CPL t/a Rainbow International clean up and sanitise the premises because flood damage is caused by black water and often carries diseases, human and animal faeces and other sewage. Black water can damage furnishings, the fabric of the building, carpets and even cause ceiling water damage. You cannot always see the damage with the naked eye which is why you need a trusted cleaning company to desanitise and deodorise your premises. First of all CPL t/a Rainbow International will identify the source of the water leak. Our team at CPL t/a Rainbow International is skilled at water extraction and removal of flood and standing water, mould removal and on-site and off-site drying of furnishings and the building. We have a carpet drying facility using heat mats and an injection system that targets the drying system to absorb any residual moisture. water damage restoration In the first 72 hours some of the surface water will evaporate naturally particularly if the airflow and temperature are controlled by our cleaning experts.  However, the free water which is absorbed in permeable materials like plaster board needs to be extracted and bounded water that is trapped must also be released and drained. This is done by reducing the humidity of the building (after the initial evaporation of surface water) and increasing the temperature using high velocity air movers with refrigerant dehumidifiers. You can call CPL t/a Rainbow International 24 hours per day every day of the year in an emergency to receive expert help at once. Don’t worry if your property is flooded overnight or at the weekend, CPL t/a Rainbow International will be there to help you. As a business owner it’s important to have an emergency plan so that if your building is flooded, you know exactly what to do to minimise the damage. A rapid response keeps the cost down and ensures the best water damage restoration. You will need to do an inventory right away before removing items that can be restored and you’ll need to provide evidence of the flood damage to your insurance company. If you call CPL t/a Rainbow International we will check evacuation is complete, check the inventory, remove furniture that can be saved, help restore your building and contents by using our water extraction techniques including carpet drying and then guide you through the process to claim for water damage from your insurance company. If you are worried about flood damage undermining your property, call CPL t/a Rainbow International to do a flood risk assessment.

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