Infection Control Deep Cleaning

industrial deep cleaning

Infection control by deep cleaning in commercial premises, to drastically reduce the spread of infection.

Undoubtedly you have heard a lot in the press recently about various offices, medical centres, schools and other commercial businesses undergoing deep cleaning to try and slow or contain the spread of coronavirus specifically and so you may be wondering what a deep clean actually entails and if it’s something that your businesses could benefit from?

Every surface can look clean after a quick wipe over but is it really clean? 

Deep cleaning involves a controlled and structured clean that is more thorough and detailed than a standard clean.  What’s more cleaning and decontamination are two very important but distinctive steps to minimise the spread of infectious diseases through ingestion, inhalation or contact.

Cleaning – Is the process of removing visible dirt and soiling from equipment and surroundings whereas decontamination is the process of actually removing harmful substances or infectious organisms which will reduce the spread of infection.

Within large “populated” environments it is important for decontamination services to be carried out regularly in order to ensure that equipment, surfaces etc are free from the microbes which cause infection.

At CPL we are hygiene specialists with our primary areas of cleaning taking place within the commercial and educational sectors.

We promise to provide:

We use carefully vetted chemicals (we supply you with all the COSHH data sheets and risk assessments), and technology along with our trained team of technicians to clean and sanitise areas safely.

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Minimising disruption to your premises

We at CPL t/a Rainbow International are acutely aware of the need to ensure your school or business stays open and so are as flexible as possible on when and how we work.  We will work with you around your timetable to minimise the impact to your operation as much as possible.

We recognise safeguarding vulnerable groups is paramount and so our technicians are all DBS checked so can work within school environments safely.

So whether it’s a one-off for an emergency infection control deep clean or on a contract basis we can work to your schedule to ensure you are able to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment for your school, doctors surgery, care home or office.

Don’t risk your business or your health!

If your premises has been subject to a suspected or confirmed infection case, speak to one of our technical team to see how we can help reduce the risk of contamination.

Don’t delay, call CPL t/a Rainbow International today!

Call us today to speak with an experienced professional, we can be on-site in less than 24 hours in an emergency, once we have all your details. We can also offer a free inspection of your premises - contact us now on 0800 030 4360