Industrial Cleaning Chichester

Industrial Cleaning Chichester a company from Charles Piton Limited has worked in and around the Chichester and the Goodwood area for over 25 years. Our friendly and experienced team are always happy to provide specialist industrial building cleaning using the very latest in non abrasive and environmentally friendly building clean technologies. We not only clean the exteriors of multi story buildings from hotels to garage, we also offer a whole array of industrial cleaning in office to homes. We provide a 5 star service according to our customers who cannot believe the speed, efficiency and service they are provided with. We are used by insurance companies and private businesses alike to provide the best in Industrial Cleaning Services.

Whether you have suffered from fire damage, leaks or any other problems, we make it as stress-free as possible to get everything sorted and back to normal. Call us today on 03300 240 699 to get a free quote.

Industrial Cleaning Chichester and Goodwood Area

We understand that any sort of damage to your property is not only inconvenient – it’s heart-breaking too. When your home, business shop or industrial unit is in a bad state it can seem like an enormous task to restore it and deal with the problems. That’s where we can help.

As a trusted local business, we care about the area and take pride in helping our customers get their lives back on track with minimal fuss. We even offer emergency 24 hour call out so we are always on hand to help you with urgent issues. We can clean anything from interiors to brickwork and antique wooden beams as well as dealing with any works to restore your home after it has suffered damage.

We don’t just work with domestic clients either. If you’re a business owner, shopkeeper or landlord, we are more than happy to provide you with our extensive range of commercial cleaning services in Guildford. We understand the need for commercial companies and premises to get back up and running quickly with as little disruption to business as possible.

Chichester And Goodwood Residential Fire & Smoke Damage

Commercial Fire Damage Chichester and Goodwood AreaFire can be extremely destructive to your home and having to deal with the aftermath can be a real challenge for you and your family. Charles Piton Limited specialises in fire damage restoration, so we know exactly the kind of problems you will be facing and we can help you to sort them out as quickly as possible.

We offer a full range of fire and smoke repair services including removal of soot, smoke odour removal and even PAT testing of your sockets and electrical goods to ensure they are still in working order and safe to use.

Home Water Damage Restoration Chichester And Goodwood

Industrial Cleaning In Chichester and GoodwoodAs specialists in water damage and flood restoration, we take pride in repairing and restoring your home as soon as possible.

It’s a great idea to deal with small issues before major problems arise, so we offer everything from damp surveys to leak detection. If you have already suffered from the effects of flooding or a leak, we can deal with water extraction and drainage as well as drying equipment hire, sanitation and deodorising. Remember that many of the problems with water damage are long lasting such as mould, so it’s important to get it dealt with professionally.

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Industrial Cleaning Chichester and Goodwood area, the professional 5 Star service for over 17 years. Get in touch or call us on 03300 240 699 for your free quote.

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