Industrial Cleaning in Brighton

Fecade Cleaning
CPL t/a Rainbow International is a trusted provider of commercial and industrial cleaning services in Brighton. Whether you own a shop on Kemp Town, a large commercial property in Patcham or you’re a landlord in the city centre, we are more than happy to provide cleaning solutions for your business.
With many years of experience providing cleaning services across the city, you can count on us to have the expertise and professional equipment to deal with anything you need. Call us on 03300 240 699 for a free quote.

Commercial Cleaning in Brighton

We pride ourselves on offering a highly professional and efficient service throughout Brighton. This includes the option of a 24-hour emergency call out service if you need any urgent cleaning services – we completely understand the importance of business continuity and allowing you to get back to work with minimal disruption and fuss.

We can deal with all aspects of façade cleaning including making use of high access cleaning equipment. It doesn’t matter if your property is several storeys high – no job is too big. Whether you need standard exterior cleaning of stone or masonry or specific services such as graffiti removal and pressure washing, we can help.

Our team has access to top-of-the-line cleaning technology including the DOFF & TORC systems. The state-of-the-art DOFF system uses steam at temperatures of 150°C. The TORC system is specifically for cleaning stone, with a mixture of low air pressure, a small amount of water and fine granulate. We have the expertise to work with any surface to get your desired result.

Brighton Water Damage Restoration

Flood damaged Room
Suffering from water damage or flooding can cause serious problems whether you’re a small business owner or the landlord of a large commercial property. Our highly experience team understands this and always endeavours to offer the most comprehensive assistance for any Brighton business that has suffered water damage.

From drying equipment hire to water extraction, we are also experienced in deodorising flooded areas and providing sanitation to prevent mould and infections. On the other hand if you want to deal with a small issue before it develops, we can provide leak detection services.


Damp in your property is a symptom of an internal or external problem. There’s no point throwing money at remedial work for a damp problem if the cause of the damp issue isn’t being addressed. You can easily spend thousands of pounds on remedial work only to find the damp problem reoccurs if the underlying issue hasn’t been dealt with.

At CPL t/a Rainbow International we focus our attention on identifying the root cause of the problem. We have extensive experience in identifying the causes of damp problems and we don’t have a vested interest in the remedial work, so you can be sure we’ll give you an unbiased report with the most cost effective solution.

We also have extensive experience working with insurance companies, so we’ll quickly be able to identify which problems and moisture damage will be covered by your policy. We are happy to provide professional reports for your insurers or meet with them on site.

Leak detection brighton

A burst pipe or a water leak can cause extensive damage, especially when the source of the leak isn’t obvious. Traditionally, destructive work was often the only way to find the source of a leak and resulted in exorbitant costs for repair.

Engineers at CPL t/a Rainbow International employ state-of-the-art water leak detection equipment to get to the source of the leak in minimum time with minimum destruction to your property. We use moisture mapping, thermal imaging, audio location and bore-scope cameras to quickly find the source of the leak. We have all the latest equipment, including electronic listening devices, thermal imaging cameras and protimeters. We’ll also test for Chlorides and Nitrates to help establish where the water is coming from.

When we’ve pin-pointed and stopped the leak, we offer the most advanced drying equipment for hire. We also have effective sanitising systems to ensure you get things back to normal as quickly as possible. CPL t/a Rainbow International will find your leak and deal with it with the absolute minimum amount of destructive work.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Brighton

Commercial Fire Damage Dealing with fire damage can be very stressful and sometimes overwhelming for business owners – that’s why we make it as simple as possible. We offer an extensive selection of options including the removal of soot, controlled waste disposal and smoke odour removal. We can even carry out full PAT testing to establish whether your electricals are still in good working order following a fire.

Other Services

We offer a range of additional cleaning services to landlords and businesses in Brighton. Get in contact to learn exactly what we can help you with or browse through our range of services.

We are also happy to work with residential clients on cleaning solutions. We regularly provide fire and water damage restoration works, as well as brick and beam cleaning to households in Brighton and the surrounding area. We know how stressful it can be to get your life back on track after your home has suffered damage, so we offer quick and efficient solutions to cause as little stress as possible.

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Whether you’re a shopkeeper, factory or warehouse owner, property management agency or landlord in Brighton, commercial cleaning services are our speciality. Call us today on 03300 240 699 or contact us. A member of our team will be more than happy to chat through the services we offer and give you a free quote.