Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup Brighton

Commercial Fire Damage CPL t/a Rainbow International offers immediate expert advice and assistance in the event of water or flood damage at any commercial property in Brighton. By bringing water or flood damage to our attention as soon as possible we can provide you with drying equipment hire through our efficient emergency call out services. We also offer on and off-site water extraction services and buildings and contents restoration.

Fire Damage Cleanup Brighton – we have been dealing with fire and soot cleanup for over 19 years in and around Brighton. Should your commercial premises be affected by fire or smoke damage, we will act quickly to ensure your business can return to normal in as little time as possible. We will deal with any damage suffered as a result of a fire and ensure that the working environment is safe and in full working order. We do this through our controlled waste disposal services and PAT electrical equipment testing.
Whether you are having to deal with smoke and fire damage or flooding and water damage, we’ll put together a full, detailed report that you can then use as part of your insurance claim. We are dedicated to making sure the entire process is quick, simple and stress-free so that your commercial premises is back up and running. We have cleaned-up Fires in commercial properties all over Brighton and Hove from fire in commercial properties in Kemptown to fires in Blatchington Mill school in Hove, as reported in the Argus Observer here.

Domestic Fire and Flood Damage

Domestic Water Damage The necessary advice and support is always important should your domestic property suffer any form of water damage, from burst pipes to flooding. We offer extensive support and have many years experience assisting clients in Brighton with flood and water damage. We provide controlled waste disposal, standing water removal and comprehensive building restoration services.

Fire and smoke damage can cause utter devastation to any domestic property, leading to constant stress and concern for homeowners. We provide a 24 hour emergency call out service that means we will come to you as soon as you get in touch in no time at all. We offer seasoned advice and expert assistance where needed. We carry out PAT electrical equipment testing as well as building and contents restoration service.

Quotations for Insurance

If you are unsatisfied with the work that has been carried out by a previous contractor, CPL t/a Rainbow International are here to help. We can take over from the work that has been left incomplete or that was previously carried out and fix any underlying issues.

Be sure to get in touch with us today if your insurer cannot provide you with any local contractors. We will provide you with a full, in-depth report along with a quote that’s simple and easy to understand. We won’t charge you for these services as we are paid directly by your insurer.

Additional Services

Fecade Cleaning
We take full advantage of the very latest technological advances and utilise environmentally friendly products to get rid of graffiti on both domestic and commercial properties. Simply provide us with an assessment of the graffiti in question and we’ll make sure it is removed in a quick, safe and efficient manner.

We also provide cleaning and restoration services for the entire commercial sector as well as factories and areas with restricted access. You can discuss your specific requirements in further detail by getting in touch with us.


To discover how CPL t/a Rainbow International can help either your commercial or domestic property with fire and smoke damage or flood and water damage, contact us today on 0800 030 4360.