Our Newcastle Building Cleaning Services include:

CPL t/a CPL t/a CPL t/a Rainbow International are an established cleaning company offering specialist cleaning services in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. We are a leading cleaning company in the North East and we have many years’ experience providing a comprehensive range of cleaning services. We make it our business to ensure every inch of your commercial or private property is cleaned carefully and thoroughly.
It wasn’t so long ago that Newcastle’s historic buildings were darkened by decades of industrial smoke and grime. CPL t/a CPL t/a CPL t/a Rainbow International are experts at cleaning the exterior of buildings to bring them back to their former glory.
We know how important it is to choose appropriate cleaning methods for heritage buildings and delicate external facades, so we’ll always use appropriate cleaning methods to safely clean your building without causing any damage. We won’t use any harmful chemicals that will affect the integrity of any surface. We care about cleaning and we care about your property.


We use our DOFF cleaning system extensively in Newcastle. With such a wide variety of beautiful heritage buildings in the city, it’s often our cleaning method of choice.
DOFF is a specialist steam cleaning system and is renowned for its ability to clean effectively without causing any surface or substrate damage. DOFF is the ultimate cleaning choice for eradicating dirt and eliminating biological matter from all stonework and masonry. It removes all grime and unwanted material without the use of harmful chemicals and without surface abrasion.
The DOFF system delivers water at up to 150°C and allows relatively low water pressure, so it’s the heat and not the pressure that’s cleaning your building. It removes the dirt without damaging the stone’s surface.
The DOFF cleaning system safely cleans ingrained contaminants from many different types of surface. These include stone surfaces, marble, brickwork, tiled surfaces (including roofs), metals and commercial cladding.
With our specially trained operatives at the helm, we can guarantee you’ll be delighted with the DOFF cleaning results. Your building will be looking just like new again.


The TORC cleaning system is an evolution of the highly acclaimed JOS system. The system uses compressed air, water and a fine mix of granulate to provide a gentle, deep clean for all types of stone surfaces.
For any stone building in Newcastle, the TORC cleaning method will clean stone surfaces inside and out and get your building looking like new. The TORC cleaning method is also completely safe for subtle and historical stone surfaces.
We’ll carry out a full assessment of your building cleaning requirements and select the best cleaning methods to suit your building. We offer an outstanding service to get the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Our media blasting cleaning service is just one of several modern techniques used to refurbish the inside and outside of properties. We use blast cleaning to effectively remove soot, smoke damage, old paintwork, and clean ageing beams, and dirty brickwork. We also use blast cleaning to clean stone and metalwork clean of surface contaminants effectively, leaving your property looking like new.
Media blasting involves propelling abrasive agents through a blasting nozzle using compressed air. The abrasive used varies, based on the surface treatment required. The media selection is crucial to the process and particular surface as each abrasive will be of a different hardness, shape and density. When we use media blasting to get the best results, we’ll choose the abrasive carefully to suit the job in hand.


For expert specialist cleaning in Newcastle, get in touch with our friendly and professional cleaning team today. We know you’ll be impressed by our high quality cleaning services, our professional team and our competitive prices. Call our Newcastle office on: 02843 729348 to discuss all of your cleaning requirements.