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fire and flood clean up in the South East

Charles Piton Ltd is the leading industrial cleaning company for fire and flood clean up in the South East.

Charles Piton Ltd is an industrial cleaning company that has offered fire and flood clean up in the South East for almost 20 years to both commercial and residential clients.

We clean both the inside and outside of buildings affected by fire and smoke damage and flood and water damage including wooden beams, metal equipment, interior and exterior walls, high access facades and roofs. No task is too big for us.

As well as smoke damaged commercial and residential premises, we clean industrial sites like factories, car parks and swimming pools using environmentally friendly cleaning methods and state of the art, high-tech cleaning and drying equipment.

We use the very latest high tech, spotless commercial cleaning technique called DOFF and TORC for fire and flood clean up.

DOFF is an environmentally friendly steam based system where water is heated to 150 degrees and ejected through an adjustable nozzle so that the pressure can be adjusted to remove the most stubborn stains from outside walls such as graffiti, moss and algae. It’s often complemented by the TORC system which is particularly effective for cleaning stonework because fine granulate is mixed with water and low pressure.

While DOFF and TORC are the main bespoke cleaning techniques, media blasting sprays an abrasive agent using compressed air to remove soot, smoke damage and old paint. Alternatively we may use a high pressure washer to clean dust, mud and grime.

Our team of highly skilled operatives provide a professional, competitively priced, ideal cleaning service. We use a range of specialised, bespoke cleaning equipment to get the job done quickly and cost effectively which reduces stress and hassle for our clients.

 CPL Case Study – fire damage at Snows BMW in Portsmouth

In July 2016 a vehicle caught fire at Snows BMW in Portsmouth, damaging the car showroom and destroying its roof. Charles Piton Ltd (trading as Rainbow at the time) needed to evacuate the building, deep clean the entire showroom and liaise with contractors who replaced the roof.

Snows BMW called us first in an emergency because of the fire damage and smoke damage. We not only cleaned the premises, removing soot that was invisible to the naked eye from the wooden beams on the middle floor and steel beams on the roof. We also cleaned the high access areas outside the car showroom.

We helped the Managing Director of the business ensure the health and safety of staff, undertook comprehensive risk assessments and checked that the right equipment was used at every stage. We worked with contractors who had permits as required, for example to replace the roof.

Contact us today to find out how we can help in an emergency because we offer ideal cleaning services if you live in London, Sussex, Surrey, Kent or Hampshire and beyond.

As an industrial cleaning company, CPL Ltd guarantees an emergency 24 hour call out service 365 days per year if you need help with a fire or flood clean up in the South East.

With our extensive industrial cleaning experience and a full range of bespoke cleaning solutions, we are dedicated to providing a high quality fire and flood clean up service for all our clients at all times. As well as cleaning up after fire damage, smoke damage, flood damage and water damage, we specialise in high access façade cleaninggraffiti removal and biohazard decontamination.

We’ll come and visit your property, assess the damage, help you gather evidence for the insurers. Then we’ll remove and restore furniture, fittings and fixtures to sanitise and decontaminate them.  Finally, we’ll identify which spotless commercial cleaning techniques will be the most effective to restore your premises and its contents to a pristine condition.

Our industrial cleaning company will get your business back on track in no time. And remember, a rapid response gets the best results. It reduces fire and flood damage, often not seen by the naked eye and keeps the cost down. So add CPL to your emergency plan and you’ll never be caught out in the event of a fire or flood.

Don’t delay, call Charles Piton Ltd today.

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