Fire in Classroom A24 at Weald School Billingshurst West Sussex County

March 2017


Fire broke out in Class room A24 caused by a faulty pottery kiln. The resulting fire caused severe damage to the room with secondary smoke damage to the main corridor and adjoining rooms on the ground floor. The school maintinance team started the intial clean up after which we were called in on the 3rd April at 14:00

Our Approach 

We look at fire or flood as an incident which has created specific problems for the client. The specific problems identified for this large secondary school:

  1. How do they provide access to the unaffected areas for the safely house the estimated 1500 + pupils and the school staff.
  2. How to ensure as little disruption to the daily activities of the school.
  3. How does the school cope with this alongside their day to day pressures?

Our approach is to focus on the customer’s problem first and provide the most cost effective and least disruptive solution within the constraints of health and safety requirements. We take full responsibility for the cleaning, drying and re-instatement of aspects of their emergency, taking the weight off their shoulders and allowing their staff to concentrate on the rest of their responsibilities.

Work carried out

Case study Weald School fire -

  • Completed a fire clean in the five less affected rooms including toilets and store rooms
  • Strip out suspended ceiling, fire clean and Sealed walls and ceilings in the main corridor.
  • Redecorated corridor after a replacement suspended ceiling ready for reopening the school
  • Strip-out of fixtures. fittings
  • Listed BER contents including office furniture course work and equipment classroom A24
  • Media blasting concrete fire damaged roof classroom A24
  • Cleaned and sealed affected walls
  • Replaced ceiling and redecorated room A24 ready for subcontractors to complete reinstatement of glazing, heating systems and floor coverings
  • Managed sub-contractors, obtaining quotes giving the Council a single point of contact for the management of the work.



The work plan was based around 10 working days to completing the reinstatement in all areas other than the severely fire damaged classroom in time for the school to reopen after the Easter holiday managing costs and sub-contractors working with the school Estate Manager to ensure this was achieved.


  • Within 1 hour of call out we had a Senior Technician on site to assess the damage, identify the client’s specific problem and create a plan with a realistic time scales and actions which were agreed with the Council Facilities Management Team
  • Once our costings and plan of action had been approved it was agreed to commence works over the Easter Holiday giving 10 working days to complete strip out works and full reinstatement of the main corridor and other smoke damaged rooms ready for the school to reopen on Monday the 24th with only the fire damaged classroom to be reinstated.
  • The school reopened on the 24th with the work completed other than the fire damaged class room which had replacement window and heating systems on order to be fitted and redecoration works.

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