Fire at East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust Woodlands

December 2016


A fire started in one of the rooms in the early hours of a Sunday morning. This caused heavy to medium soot and odour damage to the wing comprising of 10 Bedrooms, 2 Lounges, Treatment rooms, Dispensary, Laundry, Storerooms and the Main Corridor.

Our Approach 

We look at fire or flood as an incident which has created specific problems for the client. The specific problems identified with the council’s property department were:

  1. Where do they safely house the patients and staff affected?
  2. How to ensure as little disruption to the services provided by the affected departments? The department directly affected being the mental health care team.
  3. How does the facilities and insurance department cope with this alongside their day to day pressures?

Our approach is to focus on the customer’s problem first and provide the most cost effective and least disruptive solution within the constraints of health and safety requirements. We take full responsibility for the cleaning, drying and re-instatement of aspects of their emergency, taking the weight off their shoulders and allowing their staff to concentrate on the rest of their responsibilities.

Case study East Sussex Partnership Hospital Fire1

Bedroom where the fire started

  • Extracted sitting water and installed drying equipment to dry out the room
  • Created safe environment for staff to access personal effects
  • Completed strip-out of fire damaged fixtures, fittings and flooring
  • Cleaned and sealed affected walls
  • Cleaned and deodorised hard and soft furniture

Soot affected Bedrooms, lounges, Treatment rooms and Corridor

  • Cleaned and deodorised furniture and carpets
  • Cleaned and deodorised all walls and building fixtures and fittings
  • Cleaned and sealed ceiling and walls of the corridor

Throughout the whole process, we worked closely with the facilities team and staff to achieve the targets set for re-occupation and re-instatement.

Restoration Achievement

  1. All floor coverings excluding those in the room where the fire started, were restored requiring no replacement
  2. All furniture excluding items in the room where the fire started, were restored requiring no replacement
  3. All building fixtures were successfully cleaned excluding items in the room where the fire started
  4. Limiting re-instatement cost in the unit. This was achieved with effective drying and soot locking
  5. Our quick response created big savings in terms of disruption and relocation cost


  • Within 2 hours of call out we had a Senior Technician on site to assess the damage, identify the client’s specific problem and create a plan with realistic time scales and actions which were agreed with the Council Facilities Management Team
  • 3 hours on, a team arrived to commence cleaning work on the smoke damaged rooms, and extract the sitting water from the fire service and start the drying of the room where the fire started
  • Within 48 hours the clean of the smoke damaged bedrooms had been completed and handed over
  • Within 3 days the fire clean of the building had been completed, including the sealing of ceilings and walls ready for redecoration.

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